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    3 Compelling Reasons to Upgrade Your Listing on TeenLife.com

    Posted Jan 28, 2015 2:00:00 PM by Marie Schwartz

    Uconn-Listing-LaptopChances are that you are working hard to increase awareness of your programs or services, raise click-through traffic to your website, and collect real-time inquiries from qualified prospects. If these goals apply to you, then keep reading!  

    Simply having a listing on TeenLife.com means you are one step ahead of the pack.  Traffic to our site from parents, college-bound students and educators continues to grow – it has more than doubled in twelve months! However, you are missing out on some incredibly valuable benefits if you don’t upgrade your listings from Standard to Premium, Premium Plus or Featured Premium listings.

    Here are three ways that you can benefit by upgrading your listings to any level:

    1. Direct Lead Capture

    Upgraded listings feature two additional powerful features: an “I’m Interested” button, and an “Apply Now” button. The former opens up a form that asks visitors for their name and contact information. When they hit “Submit,” an email is immediately sent to the person that you have identified as your Listing Contact. The “Apply Now” button is a new feature that represents a live link to your online application page.  See the UConn example.

    Why Is This Significant?  

    These engagement features allow you to benefit more directly from visitors who find your listing in a search. It makes it easy for them to let them know you are interested. Other online directories just drive traffic to your home page – you have no way of knowing if these visitors actually convert to inquiries.

    How Can I Benefit from These Leads?

    To maximize your ROI, make sure to send follow up information in a timely manner – within the hour if possible. Call if they provide a phone number and/or mail a brochure. On your online application page, be sure to ask how someone heard about your opportunity! If you have a drop down list of options, add TeenLife.com.

    2. Appear Higher in Searches and on More Web Pages

    We understand that you want more visibility when you upgrade and have added several new benefits that highlight upgraded listings. First, relevant Featured Premium listings appear in the top five spots of any search result.  This is similar to how Google works. Next are Premium Plus listings (to launch in February) and then all other listings. Premium Listings have a logo next to them in the search results to set them apart. Results have shown that Featured Listings get 10x as many inquiries as Premium Listings, on average.

    Our Category Pages attract a significant amount of organic traffic. In fact, several of our category pages are #1 in organic searches for those opportunities! Featured Listings are automatically included on these pages. See the Category Page for Summer Programs. All paid listings also appear on our growing list of Popular Search pages – see Computer Science Summer Programs. Organic traffic to Popular Search pages is expected to grow significantly in 2015.

    We don’t stop there! If you upgrade, your listings will appear under relevant Standard Listings in the “You Might Like” section. See example.

    Why Is This Significant?

    We know that displaying your listing in multiple places will drive more visitors to your program or service and increase the chances that they will engage with you and express interest. 

    How Can I Appear in More Searches?

    You can drive even more traffic to your organization by adding, updating and upgrading multiple listings – one for each of your programs or office locations. Be sure to fill in all the fields and provide a robust description as described in this video. This will make sure you appear in more relevant searches AND on more Popular Search pages.

    3. Respond to Reviews

    Premium and Featured Listings have the ability to respond to reviews. This is your chance to be responsive and proactive, whether the incoming review is positive or negative. Take the time to write a personal response as it gives your prospects/leads a sense of trust and comfort.

    Why Is This Significant?

    There’s no hard cast way to make everyone happy, it just won’t happen. With that being said, you can certainly leave an impact or change someone’s mind by being personable and timely with both positive and negative reviews.

    How Can I Attract More Reviews?

    Be proactive and ask past participants – students and parents – to submit a review! Be sure to include a link to your listing on TeenLife.com and let them know that the link to “Write a Review” is at the bottom of your listing. Parents and students need to be logged in as members of TeenLife.com to post reviews. Joining TeenLife is free and we don’t rent or sell member contact information to anyone.

    These are just three of the ways you can benefit by upgrading – starting at only $99 per year for a Premium Listing! We would be happy to walk you through the process. Just contact us.

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