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    7 Steps to Optimizing Your TeenLife Premium Listings for Search Results

    Posted Nov 19, 2019 10:31:42 AM by Melissa Hanan



    A key component of any organization’s marketing strategy is to effectively position its programs in search engines. Optimizing your website is great, but you are missing out if you don’t optimize your listings in online directories like TeenLife.com. You want to rise to the top in ANY medium someone chooses to use. TeenLife.com is a directory that shows up at the top of organic searches for "summer programs for teens" so it's in your best interests to follow these 7 steps to optimizing your Premium TeenLife listings for better search engine results.

    • Step 1: Fill out every field as completely as possible - The more fields are filled in the more likely you are to come up when search filters are applied. You can’t be found by someone looking for a program for a 10th grader if you haven’t filled in the eligible grades of your program. If your program is held at a school or college, it helps to put that school or college name in the program name, e.g. University of California - Pre-College Engineering Program. The address and zip code should be the location of the program, not the location of the administrative team. Visitors often enter a location in the search bar find programs near them.  
    • Step 2: Add Premium Listings for each of your programs rather than describing all of your programs in one listing. More listings will translate to more leads because a visitor has more chances to see your listing in a search result. Once they land on one of your listing pages, they will see links to all of your other programs. And your leads will be more qualified since they are indicating interest in a specific program.
    • Step 3: Utilize lots of pictures - Google is very focused on using quality pictures as a method of drawing searchers. Including photographs in your profile with keyword-optimized file names can add to your search ranking power.
    • Step 4: Utilize a well-defined description - Use “More Information” to fully describe what your program is all about and what makes it unique from all the others. Use words that someone is likely to use when searching for what it is you offer. Then ask the user to do something with a call-to-action using bold, clear language such as, “See our video.” You want to pique people's interest and make them believe that taking the specified action will offer them a direct benefit.
    • Step 5: Link to a relevant page on your website - An optimized page doesn't just provide unique content, but unique value. What's the difference? Search engines like to filter out what they view as duplicative content or things that are exactly the same. Try to connect visitors to one of your pages that provides something so different and functional that it rises above everything else in its field. For instance, instead of your home page, link to the program’s page if you have multiple programs or listings.
    • Step 6: Utilize testimonials and ask for reviews - In addition to being generally good for brand reputation, online reviews can help boost your performance within search engine results. Don’t be afraid to ask past participants to post a review to your premium listing. Also, be sure to upload any testimonials that former participants provide to further boost your organization’s credibility. What's more, your average "star rating" appears in search results, providing another way to catch someone's eye.
    • Step 7: Upload videos - People love video content, which means search engines love it too. Video gives you a huge advantage over the competition. There are many online articles that describe why videos have such a strong impact on SEO. 

    Keeping search engine optimization in mind for your website AS WELL AS for your listings on TeenLife.com can help you maximize your return on investment leads. Implementing these guidelines will ensure that you're well on your way to generating more leads. To get help improving your listings, contact support@teenlife.com.

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