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    TeenLife Expands Partnership with Naviance

    Posted Oct 6, 2014 2:11:00 PM by Marie Schwartz



    We are pleased to announce that TeenLife will be expanding the number of summer program, gap program and post-graduate program listings in the Enrichment Program section of Family Connection, the college and career planning portal used by more than 8000 schools and more than 6 million students and parents in the US and abroad. 

    "Enrichment Programs" is a free, optional feature that many schools make available to their school community. 

    Beginning with the January update, we will be supplying Naviance with 1400 overnight summer, 700 local summer, 350 gap, and 50 post-graduate year program listings. All eligible Featured and Premium Listings will be included. Beyond that, priority will be given to free listings who have updated their information by the end of December. It is important that all requested fields are filled in. We've put together an easy guide to creating a great listing yourself. 

    How to track your Naviance traffic

    In your website's analytics package, (Google Analytics, for example) filter your referral traffic for "tlp_ref=nav" and you will be able to see how many visits came from Naviance. 

    If you need help logging in, updating your listings, and/or creating individual listings for all of your programs, contact support@teenlife.com

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