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    How to Create a Great Listing on TeenLife.com

    Posted Sep 19, 2014 11:15:00 AM by Lesli Amos


    We understand that you want the students, parents and educators who visit TeenLife.com to engage with your listing and eventually to become a client of yours. To help ensure that this happens, your listing must accomplish three equally important objectives. It must be easy to find, be information-rich and up to date, and have a high degree of visual appeal. We’ve created this comprehensive guide (and video!) to help you create a more effective listing. 



    1. Make your listing easy to find

    To make sure that likely prospects find your listing on TeenLife.com, you have to first think about your program(s) or services(s). We recommend adding a listing for each unique curriculum or opportunity you offer. Doing so will allow you to provide more specific, useful information to potential clients and participants. It will also increase your presence on Teenlife.com.


    Screen_shot_2014-09-15_at_5.38.43_PMSearch engines, including TeenLife’s, use content and keywords to find and rank results. You’ll want to create your own set of keywords and write them down, so you can use them throughout your listing. Your list of keywords should include:

    1. Your program or service location.
    2. Names of countries your program visits, or if you offer your services through a website (online, internet, web).
    3. The descriptive words in your listing name and their synonyms.
    4. Specific interests for your program and their groupings. List every interest or service that you offer and a group of interests to which it belongs. For example, a jazz camp should include jazz, music, and performance.  Mathematics courses could also include STEM. College Advisors could also include college resources and independent counselor.
    5. Abbreviations. (i.e., Sample University also goes by SU)
    6. Industry terms
    7. The audience you serve. If your program or service is limited to a select  group of teens, list those characteristics, such as gender, religion, level of  academic achievement, area of challenge or disability, region, or specific  ages.

    Listing Name

    Spell out the entire name of your listing as you market it. Do not use abbreviations  unless that is part of your official name.

    Address Fields

    Users will often search for opportunities by location. The address fields are the location  of where your program or service takes place. If you are a Gap year program, use the  Area and Destination fields. If you offer the same program or service in multiple  locations, please contact us for guidance on how to best represent your locations. 

    2. Make your listing information-rich

    To create an accurate and complete listing, you’ll want to use your important keywords  in the Description and More Information sections. Remember, the more detailed you  are, the more likely you are to find qualified participants who want to hear more about  your program or service. 


    The Description is limited to 300 characters (50 words). It should provide a general  summary of your program or business. It’s the first thing that users will read when they  get to your listing, so make sure its keyword-rich and clear. Include:

    1. Full name of program
    2. Residency (overnight or day, if important)
    3. Mention gender and/or religion if this is key
    4. Major interests
    5. Countries (if applicable)

    More Information

    The More Information section of your listing has an unlimited character count, so that  you can truly create and engaging, search-friendly listing. Use our WYSIWYG editor to  make it visually interesting and easy to read. This is where you should include all your  keywords, as well as the following:

    1. What to expect. Give an example of a typical day or process in working together.  If appropriate, detail your approach and specific steps. 
    2. Unique factors such as the history of your company, your mission statement,  your staff’s qualifications and what teens can learn from you.
    3. Dates and rates. Add details including start and end dates, cost range and  financial aid information or discounts.
    4. Enrollment criteria and program size.
    5. Fun facts: anything that will excite teens about your listing. This is a great place  to work in a few more keywords.

    Even though this information may already be provided in the Details section of your listing, including it in More Information as well will help you reach more prospects.

    Details Information

    The Details information fields will vary depending on if your listing is a business,  program, educational institution or community service organization. But in all cases, the more of these fields you fill in, the more useful your listing is to everyone. 


    Teens and their parents have the opportunity to review your program or service on your listing page. Reach out to past and current clients to encourage them to review your program and increase your listing’s visibility. Reviews are an excellent way to show visitors the value of your listing!


    If you have quotes from previous customers that you use in your marketing materials, contact us to create a Testimonials section in your listing. 

    3. Make your listing visually appealing

    Entice visitors to learn more about you with an eye-catching listing. Make sure to update your listing with a logo, pictures and videos to attract users to your listing and  keep them engaged once they get there. If you have any questions or problems with  getting the right sizes or uploading files, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Need Help?

    If you need any help making your listing great, feel free to contact our support team at support@teenlife.com or 617-277-5120. We want to help you create an exciting,  engaging listing!


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