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    • More than a Gap Year
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      Reviewed on 16/10/2020 by Jaime

      I went to Nicaragua with Raleigh in 2015 as a team leader and it was definitively one on the most significant experiences of my life. Raleigh presented me with an experience to live with and get to know a rural community, challenged me to learn and improve myself and recognise the global repercussions or our actions.
      I grew as a person with my team and made connections that I will remember forever. The programme is sustainable and maintains good relationships with all the communities where the programme is carried out ensuring that volunteers do not just turn up and then vanish without ensuring the long term impact of the project. Raleigh is a fantastic opportunity to learn from others and develop yourself.

    • Brilliant experience!
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      Reviewed on 28/06/2017 by Camille

      I had the best 7 weeks of my life in Tanzania in summer 2016 with Raleigh! My first phase was the trek, which was challenging but incredibly rewarding. I gained leadership and teamwork skills, made great friendships and the landscapes were beautiful. Next, I was part of the SWASH (School Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) project. This involved living with a host family in a small village, and working in the local primary school. I helped to construct a sanitation block for the female students, and I also participated in raising awareness of improved hygiene practices, aimed at the students as well as other members of the community. It was so fulfilling to be able to make a difference and to learn about the Tanzanian culture. I would definitely recommend a Raleigh Expedition to anyone who is interested!

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