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    • Invaluable insight, guidance and support
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      Reviewed on 21/09/2020 by LMaun

      The Center for Interim Programs was an enormous gift to my daughter. Holly Bull was invaluable in her insight and guidance. She is a very perceptive listener and was able to identify optimal programs and experiences that responded so well to my daughter's hopes and goals. I would not hesitate to recommend The Center to anyone who is seeking life enhancing experiences. My many thanks to Kate too for being a great pleasure to work with!

    • Gold Standard for Gap Year Counselors and More!!!
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      Reviewed on 16/10/2020 by Karl Haigler & Rae Nelson
    • Long Term Benefits of Working with Interim to Plan my Gap Year
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      Reviewed on 07/10/2020 by Sam K

      The Center for Interim Programs was invaluable in helping me plan my gap year in 2012-2013. I worked with the counselor, Holly Bull, and she helped me narrow down my interests and places I wanted to visit to create a dream gap year. Through their extensive vetting of a plethora of programs and opportunities and their years of experience, they helped me to fill my gap year with a variety of options that suited me perfectly. I did a language program in Italy, a yoga teacher training in the Caribbean, and a business internship in Ireland. Each of which was wonderful and has continued to benefit me through the years. My gap year not only helped me as I navigated college, but I was told by my interviewer when I interviewed for my first job out of college that it was my experience on my gap year that really got me the job. I'd recommend Center for Interim Programs to anyone who wants to plan a diverse, rich and individualized gap year.

    • Interim Programs -- The Best Gap Year Advisors in the Business
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      Reviewed on 27/09/2020 by Christine

      I want to recommend without hesitation the Center for Interim Program to families if they are thinking about sending their children on a Gap Year. I met Holly Bull 10 years ago at a NACAC conference where she very persuasively presented about students taking Gap Year. Since then, I've had Holly present to parents and students in my district, giving them an alternative to the traditional routes of college and work. Holly has inspired me as well as the parents and students in my district to consider and follow through with a Gap year. The transformation in these students has been remarkable and many have returned to speak to our current students about how the Gap Year has changed their lives.

      Holly worked painstakingly with each of our families to understand their needs, budget, hopes and dreams to tailor the perfect program for their children. She and her staff are incredibly knowledgeable having been in the business for many, many years. She is trustworthy, insightful and builds deep relationships with the families she works with. I have since relocated to Florida and plan to introduce the Center for Interim Programs to the new families I will be working with.

    • 30 years of referring this company as a Director of College Counseling at two major private schools in NYC
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      Reviewed on 22/09/2020 by Former Director of College Counseling

      I wanted to write in support of Interim Programs, what I see as the best gap year counseling and referral team in the country. I retired from my career of over thirty years as Director of College Counseling in private schools in New York City. Before that I was an admission officer at Princeton University. I have recommended this program for my entire career and have sent countless students to work with them (average of 5 to six a year--last year, because of Covid, at least 15). I have some experience myself with helping students find good gap year options, but at some point I stopped taking this on myself because Interim did it so much better than I could; even with my long experience there was too much information out there with which to keep current, and many of my more complex students needed expertise for this particular plan that I did not have and Interim could provide.

      There are several things that make Interim so good. The first is the depth of their knowledge and scope of their research over many years. This is a family run, several generation company that was the first of its kind in the US, I believe. They have so much experience with so many students that their history is one of their strongest resources, that few other organizations can begin to match. Their vast knowledge of options available for study and travel programs, work related activities, credit offering options, and adventures, in both the US and overseas make their offerings unrivaled. And all of these options have been vetted. For foreign options, they understand the benefit of having a person in country and a network out of country to support overseas placements in case of political or climate related upheaval, which only someone intimately acquainted with a country as a citizen or resident can understand. This understanding is reassuring, but essential if there is a problem, and is something that most families do not think about when they choose a program. Most of the programs overseas that Interim recommends have this ,if it could become necessary. This is something hard to match for a less experienced company, and often not even a consideration. Interim thinks of the things you need to know and plan for so you do not have to know everything about this process to be safe and well supported.

      Interim's counselors care about each individual student and have strong counseling skills. Many students who come to a gap year are extremely talented and independent--Interim is a terrific support for these students, suggesting out of the box options and creative solutions for these clients. For many students they suggest a preliminary work option for the first part of the year, to make money to help support the following adventures--this supports students taking charge and being invested in what they do and also helps students without unlimited financial resources to take advantage of this opportunity to gap. For all students considering a gap year, the process is as important as the product, and the fact that Interim stays with the students for the full year and is ready to help them adjust their choices and change direction as they grow is invaluable. They push students to explore the things that will challenge them while at the same time providing the support and reassurance and accurate information parents and students both require to make good choices.

      Some students who gap are coming from more challenging situations They need to mature a bit more, or are recovering from some sort of trauma or bad experience in high school. Interim's counselors are well equipped to deal with these situations as well, helping both parents and students to understand the options and how they will affect their future choices as well as present challenges. I have referred all kinds of students to Interim and have not hesitated to refer students with significant challenges of a personal nature, knowing that they will see each student as an individual and come up with a fine solution with care and support. Many times I have had long conversations with the staff at Interim to discuss a particular student. They have always been willing to take whatever time was needed, even BEFORE the student signed on to work with them, to help me with placement. This kind of dedication to students' welfare is rare in the private sector where often profit is the motivation. In certain instances they have made their services available to students who were financially challenged by working with our school and the family. This was a terrific kindness and probably changed these students' lives.

      Interim is a personal company; students will be assigned to one counselor and will get to know that person well, as the counselor grows to understand their needs and questions. One of the best things about the program is the relationship that the student develops with the counselor--if there is anxiety, or a problem with a program develops, by that time the student will know the counselor well enough to be able to be honest about how they are feeling and what they need. There is real care here, not just a practical or financial arrangement.

      Many of my colleagues at other New York City private schools recommend Interim as their first choice when referring students and parents out for gap year consulting. We would not do this were not our trust in this program well founded.

      I recommend this company enthusiastically and without reservation. I have long knowledge of their work, the people who work there and their dedication to education and to students. This company is a real gem. These days there are so many upstart companies who do college counseling, gap year planning, test prep etc and claim to be the answer to your child's problems. What is really important is not the brochures and websites, but the resumes and depth of knowledge and competency the staff of a private company can offer. Interim has been in business longer than all the others. They have kept current, excited and mobile, and the experience of their flexible staff is unsurpassed. Holly Bull inherited this company from her father, who was a renowned educator in his own right . She literally "grew up" in a household where "gap year" was a watchword. Who better to trust with your child's future than a dedicated, personable, experienced educator with a deep background and a long successful track record.

    • be very careful with this group
      Reviewed on 07/06/2019 by Maisy

      I trusted this company to assist my daughter with her year out, but they are scammers and do not deliver anything like they promise. the jobs listed on their site were all fake, and were not accesible but are just examples, and after you have paid, you cannot access any relevant opportunities and are forced to take what they offer, or lose your fees. very dishonest and disappointing experience for my daughter who now feels totally cheated. please avoid

    • stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on 22/11/2014 by Olivia
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