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    Online Marketing to Teens: How Snapchat Is Reaching Teenagers

    Posted by Marie Schwartz on Jan 15, 2015 2:30:00 PM | 0 Comments


    Teenagers have always pushed the limits of social norms. Now they are pushing into social media platforms that their parents have never heard of. Creative online marketing to teens now deals more with Snapchat and Whisper than it does Facebook and Twitter. Teens are flocking to the latest social media outlets, including: Instagram, Yik Yak, and of course, Snapchat. And as it turns out, the best way to successfully engage teens with your message is in their terms and on their turf.

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    5 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Program's Online Reviews

    Posted by Melissa Hanan on Nov 28, 2014 5:38:00 PM | 0 Comments

    If you're looking for ways to increase your program's visibility, here's an idea you might not have considered: focus on your online reviews. 

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    Is Your Summer Program Making the Most of Social Media?

    Posted by Lesli Amos on Oct 15, 2014 7:10:00 PM | 0 Comments

    According to Wikipedia, social media exists to introduce substantial and pervasive changes to communication between organizations, communities, and individuals.” 

    Networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn allow even the most introverted of us to make “friends” with like-minded people anywhere in the world. With the click of a mouse or swipe of the finger, you can find your tribe, share common passions, ask for an honest review, and start a movement by giving voice to the disenfranchised.

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    7 Online Marketing Ideas for Summer Programs

    Posted by Lesli Amos on Sep 15, 2014 10:04:00 AM | 2 Comments


    The world of online marketing can be intimidating when you’re used to more traditional, direct forms of marketing. Luckily, online marketing isn’t too difficult to figure out. It uses many of the same principles as traditional marketing, but with a more measurable, higher ROI.

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